Martine Redonnée

Born in 1952 in Paris.

She now lives and works in Burgundy, France.

She spent her childhood abroad, particularly in Colombia, Brazil and Greece. This has given her a strong affinity for the blending of cultures.
After completing her studies at the College of Pontoise, she took up art at the department of graphic arts at the ESAM (1970-1973).

L'artiste, 2 ans
© Redonnée, ADAGP, 2002

From the early age of 16, when she created an abstract mural painting for the Youth and Culture Centre of Beaumont sur Oise, and even while she was a full time commercial graphic artist, she exhibited many pieces of her work including paintings, sculptures, etchings and photographs:

OCDE, 30ème anniversaire
© Redonnée, ADAGP, 2002

Different exhibitions (Beaumont sur Oise, Paris : OECD - Hall Monaco, CNRS, Art-session 91).

Photographic work of still-life arrangements:
Views of kitchen in natural light
Close-up views of mineral, vegetable or animal matter.
Melon confit
© Redonnée, ADAGP, 2001

Design and production of large works of art:
Abstract mural made from enamelled ceramic pieces for the entrance hall of S.I.B, a bank of the Vallourec Group (approximately 1,50m x 1,50m).
Figurative triptych in oil on linen for the entrance hall of Temana Kiwi France (Sara Lee Group), 3,60m wide by 2,40m high.

© Redonnée, ADAGP, 2002
Design déposé à l'INPI
She also attended and participated in numerous conferences, congresses and workshops:
Biennale exhibitions of design in Courtrai in 1992 (catalogue)
Mirror-design of the century in Paris in 1993
Engraving and etching at the "Ateliers Arts Décoratifs"
Video and history of art workshop in the "Louvre"
Training in new graphic art image technologies at the Jean Monnet School of Paris-Sud University
Seminar on history and sociology given by Charles Morazé "Ecole des Hautes Etudes", a school in social science in Paris, for 3 years
Weekly practical workshop given by chefs at the La Varenne American School of Cooking in Paris for 18 months

Pousses d'asperges
© Redonnée, ADAGP, 2002
In more recent times, she has become a full time artist.